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Common Big Spiders

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They create a double web and use their surroundings to camouflage themselves. Crowned Hentzia Jumping Spider Fast, bright and light, Crowned Hentzia Jumping Spiders excel at pouncing on unsuspecting insect prey despite their tiny size. Shamrock Orb Weaver - Araneus trifolium Orb Weaving Spiders are common spiders with poor vision which build beautiful, complex-looking webs all over the world. Daddy Long Legs have a reputation for being the most venomous spider, probably because they have been know to kill Black Widows and Tegenaria species, however this has not been proven. Brown widow venom is considered to be twice as powerful as that of the black widow; however, the species is not aggressive and only injects a tiny amount of venom when it bites.

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